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I am very new to film making, so for me, it was really inspiring to see how simplistic and achievable Chad made it seem in his course. Straight to the point, and in the simplest, easiest to understand way possible.

In fact, I have 20 jobs lined up for next year, and had planned to outsource the editing. Not now! I completely have the confidence that I can do these films myself, save my money, and take complete creative control over my products.

On top of all that, Chad is a really decent dude, who just wants to see other people create amazing films they love. You cannot go wrong with this course, get on it while you can!

James White

Blue Haven, NSW, Australia


I have personally been editing and colour grading for over 6 years now, but this course has taught me so much valuable information and has now improved my skills a lot! I honestly couldn't recommend it enough. The entire course is super easy to follow along with and the knowledge Chad provides in each chapter has helped my overall colour grading process become even better!

Jaxon Roberts

Fremantle, WA, Australia


I found this course through Chad's work on Instagram. I've always envisioned my films to look and feel more cinematic. I've purchased endless LUTs, but none of them lived up to what was advertised. These are the first ones that do. I could not be happier with them. They are so subtle and don't overpower the image, but they add just the right amount of a creative look to make your films stand out, just like Chad's. I would highly recommend the course and LUTs to anyone who would like to step up their video production game.

Jesaja Class

Nemaiah Valley, BC, Canada


If you are looking for a pack that can recreate a film / retro look, this Vintage VFX Pack packs a punch with a lot of assets to choose from to suit your editing style & aspect ratio, it's good value for money and can elevate your content!

Hugo Cheng

Hong Kong


I've always been sceptical about how much value courses and workshops provide, but this one has absolutely blown me away. Chad has nailed every aspect of teaching about process and the way he presents it is easy to understand and simple to apply. Couldn't recommend this any more! Thanks again Chad!

Liam Fawell

Wembley Downs, WA, Australia


The tutorial video seeing how Chad goes about his colourgrade and timeline layout… to the luts themselves. It’s a masterpiece, highly recommend! The luts each have a place in all types of situations.

Daniel James

Berserker QLD, Australia


Getting an insight into Chad's workflow has helped fill in the gaps in my knowledge. The course was broken into many digestible chapters which made it easy to follow along with while I had my video project open working alongside it. And the LUTs were so easy to use and made such a big difference to all the footage! Would definitely recommend this!


Leederville, WA, Australia


I've been looking for a way to take my editing process to the next level and I FINALLY found it. Chad explains his workflow in great depth which allows for easy learning and following. I couldn't recommend this course enough and I can't wait to apply the skills to future projects.

Daniel Barrington

Chidlow, WA, Australia


Chad is a freelance lifestyle and adventure photographer and filmmaker from Perth, Western Australia. With a passion for storytelling and capturing unique moments around the world through his cinematic style, he aims to capture not just the most pinnacle moments, but also the moments in between. Together the story comes to life.

​He has worked with a wide range of brands in different spaces: Canon, DJI, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Vivo, Kathmandu, Lowepro, Manfrotto, Chimu Adventures, Jetstar, Trip Advisor, The Ritz-Carlton, St Regis Hotels, and various others, including the tourism boards of Australia, Abu Dhabi, Cyprus, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Morocco, and Vietnam.

With no limit to the places he's passionate about visiting around the world, Chad is interested in working with brands that align with his interests in travel, adventure, lifestyle, and sustainability.